Twisted Toys background with 4 mocked up toys and the Twisted Toys logo on it
Twisted Toys background with 4 mocked up toys and the Twisted Toys logo on it

Twisted Toys

Welcome to the World of Twisted ToysTM, a wonderland of excitement, experiences and exploitation. We pride ourselves on making toys that are addictive, risky and put you completely under our control.
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Share Bear toy logo

Haha! I heard that!

Sharebear is the cuddly companion who just loves to share. He wants to know your favourite colour, your best friend, your immigration status, sleep patterns, sexual preferences, the economic indicators of where you live and every other data point that can be exploited for profit. What a cutie! And don’t worry, he doesn’t keep your secrets in his little head. Your data is shared and used by billion dollar tech companies!

Safety warnings
  • 100% of the largest 12 social media companies with the most worldwide active users track your location data.
  • Tech companies such as Facebook (Source) and Netflix (Source) know what your sexuality is or if you’re pregnant, before you tell your parents.
  • 72 million data-points will be collected on a child before they turn 13 years old. Source.
  • In 2019, 76.04% of the most popular web pages for mental health information contained third-party trackers for marketing purposes. Source.
Stalkie Talkie toy logo

Stalkie Talkie is the hand held, hi-tech toy that uses algorithms which match children with adult strangers. Press the button then just sit back and wait for billions of unknown people to find you… How do you tell if they’re a friend or a predator? We don’t know either!​

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Safety warnings
  • 61% of 8- to 12-year-olds have been contacted by someone they don’t know while playing a game. Source.
  • Popular digital services such as Facebook (Source), Discord (Source), and Fortnite (Source) have been used in known cases of child grooming for sexual purposes and drug trafficking.
  • 29% of children given out their personal details to people they meet online, including their mobile phone number and home address. Source.
  • In 2016, 64% of people who joined an extremist group on Facebook did so because the algorithm recommended it to them. Source.
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My First T&C's toy logo

Sign your life away!

My First Terms and Conditions is essential reading for any child. Lose yourself (and your rights) in a few thousand pages of legally impenetrable small print. It’s long, incomprehensible, unfair, and deliberately obscure – almost like it was designed not to be read…

Safety warnings
  • 15 of the top websites used by children had terms and conditions more complicated than Charles Dickens’ ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. Source.
  • The average person would need to set aside almost 250 hours to properly read all the terms and conditions they accept while using digital services. Source.
  • 73% of young people do not read any terms and conditions on any platform they use. Source.
Wakey Wakey toy logo

Look out sleepy head!

Wakey Wakey Night Light wants your attention around the clock. It’s the all-new, all-consuming, algorithmically automated device designed to keep you updated on everything you don’t need to know about 24/7. Young people are driven wild by the adrenaline rollercoaster of over-stimulation and sleep deprivation. With lights, vibrations and over 50 alert sounds – you just can’t say no to these notifications!​

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Safety warnings
  • Children who use their phone and computer at bedtime report approximately 1 hour less of sleep than those who did not. Source.
  • Proven difficulties concentrating and doing well at school. Source.
  • Guaranteed anxiety and impact on mental health. Source.
Pocket Troll toy logo

Pocket Troll scrutinises every minute of your existence, then torments you with personalised comments and mild psychological torture. These trolls do it all; body shaming, racism, homophobia… Plus everything is public, nothing gets forgotten and somehow you’ll still feel lost without it in your pocket. Pocket Troll comes with a book of Community Guidelines – but don’t worry, we never enforce them.

Pocket Troll toy image - A green troll with a nasty facial expression asking is that really what you're wearing?
Safety warnings
  • 1 in 5 children in England and Wales experienced some form of online bullying in 2019, equivalent to 764,000 children. Source.
  • In 2019 half of 12- to 15-year-olds saw something hateful about a particular group of people in the last year, up from 34% in 2016. Source.
  • 58% of girls and young women have been harassed or abused online. Source.
  • 32% of LGBTQ 13- to 18-year-olds have been sexually harassed online. Source.
Pay as You Yoyo toy image - A yoyo with a contactless symbol, and a display showing a charge of £0.25
Pay as You Yoyo toy logo

MEGAfun with MICROtransactions

Pay as you Yo-Yo is the revamped classic you’ve just got to take for a spin. Set up your account with Mum or Dad’s credit card, then get ready to throw down high scores (and even higher bills). With contactless technology we charge your card every time the Yo-Yo touches your hand. You won’t even notice it’s happening. The scores are low to begin with, but wow do they add up fast!

Safety warnings
  • 80% of the top 50 free mobile games in the UK Apple App Store for children aged 5 & under contain in app purchases. By contrast, only 17% of total games available on the App Store are free to download but contain in-app purchases. Source.
  • Average in-game spend per 11- to 18-year-old is £500 - £600 per year. Source.
  • 12% of children have accidentally spent money on in-app purchases and 7% said they have received a big phone bill because of accidental in-app purchases. Source.
Fishing for Likes toy logo

Fishing for Likes is the game that makes your popularity our top priority. Compete against your ‘friends’ to score the most likes, use them to distort your self worth and judge others. Do whatever it takes to get more… take off your clothes, say something extreme, you can even pay to get more likes! It’s compulsive, obsessive, destructive fun for the whole community.

Fishing for Likes toy image - Where players pick up different emojis with suction cups
Safety warnings
  • 10 of the 12 most-used social platforms globally in 2020 contain visible popularity metrics by default. Source.
  • Far-right misinformation has been found to give you 65% more engagement per follower than other types of far-right content. Source.
  • Children aged 7 to 10 are being coerced and deceived into sexual activity on live streaming sites, often in exchange for “likes” or other rewards. Source.
  • Children feel that building up a high number of followers gives them social status. Source.
Mystery Friends toy logo - Three packs of cards showing a silhouette with a question mark on top
Mystery Friends toy logo

How many faces in your book?

Mystery Friends is the never-ending sticker collection kids can’t wait to get stuck into. With billions of new friends to add, there’s no telling who you’re gonna get; a new BEST friend? Or a pesky predator? Whatever you do, just keep coming back for more!

Safety warnings
  • 75% of the most popular social media services in 2020 use automated decision making to recommend strangers to all users. Source.
  • In 2019, Instagram’s algorithm had been found to steer paedophiles specifically towards profiles of children. Source.
  • During a 12-month period, 28% of 12- to 15-year-olds experienced unwelcome friend/follow requests or unwelcome contact/messages from strangers. Source.
Eye-con 3000 toy logo

Take screen time to the extreme

The Eye-Con 3000 is the eyeball tracking, retina scanning, handheld device kids just can’t put down! Literally. Stop looking at its military grade camera for even a split second, and your character dies. It’s the age old battle of man vs machine, child vs addiction, corporate greed vs the human need to exist and interact with other living things. Eye-Con 3000 is easy to play but impossible to win. Do you have what it takes?

Eyecon 300 toy image - a game pad shaped device with a camera on top, fingerprint readers on each side, and a screen which reads blink to start
Safety warnings
  • 1 in 4 young people mimic behaviour that mirrors that of addiction, development of psychopathological behaviours, depression, anxiety, high levels of perceived stress and poor sleep. Source.
  • Covid sees children spending 500% more time online. Source.

DEMAND CHANGE: We do not accept this anywhere else; we must not accept it online.

  • All people under 18 are children.
  • All apps and services should be safe for children by design and default.
  • Children’s data should not be collected for commercial purposes.
Lawmakers must act now! Parents demand change!

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“Parents and lawmakers across the globe demand a digital world for children that is safe by design, supports their healthy use and STOPS the wholesale abuse of their data. This is urgent and I am proud to join with US lawmakers, Representatives Castor and Trahan and Senators Blumenthal and Markey, to demand change, now.”

Signed by Beeban Kidron

Baroness Kidron, 5Rights Chair


Share Bear swung by Parliament earlier - they've got a few ideas for the #OnlineSafetyBill based on the risks raised by #TwistedToys

Twisted Toys campaign highlights dangers for children in digital playgrounds

What if the features of digital platforms for kids were put into physical toys for kids? We'd never let our kids near them, as you see in these clever commercials from
@twistedtoysTM, e.g., ShareBare, who shares your secrets with corporations
See more at

Such a clever approach by @5RightsFound to situate the risks children can experience online in the offline world with #TwistedToys

Check out @twistedtoysTM & @5RightsFound for more information about the campaign 👇

Imagine if all the harmful features of the digital world were in traditional toys…